Plagron Lemon Kick (500ml - 1L)

Plagron Lemon Kick (500ml - 1L)


Plagron Lemon Kivk is a totally biological product to regulate the pH that allows us to lower the acidity of irrigation water by adding a few drops in the tank. With citric acid from natural lemon to obtain an immediate effect and 100% respectful with the environment.

Lemon Kick is ideal for all BIO fanatics who do not want to use the typical PH- with diluted phosphoric acid. Now we have a natural way to regulate the pH in our irrigation to improve the health and performance of your organic crops.


We recommend regulating the pH of irrigation water between 6 and 6.5 for crops on substrates with soil. If we correct the pH of the water in each irrigation, as a result, we will obtain a much faster growth of the plant and maintain a full availability of all the nutrients you need at all times. It can be said that it has a stimulating effect on all the stages of the plant and its metabolism.

It works in perfect harmony with the line Alga Grow and Alga Bloom of Plagron that has been conceived to provide organic nutrients that allow you to get premium buds.

With this product you can correct the acidity of the irrigation solution downwards so that your plants can easily and correctly assimilate all available nutrients.

Dosage and method of use of Lemon Kick of Plagron:

It measures the pH of the irrigation water once all the products have been added.
If the pH is higher than 6.5, we will add 0,5ml and let stand a few moments.
We will re-measure the pH and repeat if necessary until achieving a value between 6 and 6.5.
Do not keep the irrigation solution with Lemon Kick more than 24 hours.




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