Plagron Alga Grow (1L - 10L)

Plagron Alga Grow (1L - 10L)


Both the amateur growers and the professionals aim to obtain the best result in the shortest possible time. For a crop to bear good fruit, it is necessary to lend a hand to Mother Nature. And, of course, it must be in a natural way.
For this, Plagron has developed the growing seaweed, a special product for this important phase of the crop. Growing seaweed is a meticulously balanced combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that can be absorbed directly by the plant, which optimizes its growth on a purely natural basis.


The nitrogen contained in Plagron Growth Alga makes the plant grow optimally and uniformly. Phosphorus allows a better development of the root and is the basis of a strong and abundant flowering. Potassium is responsible for transporting nutrients to all parts of the plant and increases its resistance in general terms.

With Plagron Growth Alga, a product extremely rich in nutrients, you control the development of your plants from the root. Thanks to the abundance of auxiliary substances that stimulate growth, plants treated with Plagron Growth Alga can develop optimally in the short term.

Plagron Growth Alga is a liquid organic fertilizer that contains N-P-K directly absorbed by the plant.
Plagron Growth Alga contains: nitrogen 4%, phosphorus 6%, potassium 8%, amino acids, trace elements and minerals.

These components are not only responsible for promoting excellent plant growth and abundant root formation, but also, at the same time, strengthen their resistance and stimulate the formation of chlorophyll.

How to use: Dilute 4 ml in 1 liter of water. Water the plants with this solution once a week.
Growing seaweed: results that can be seen!




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