Filtro Carbón Proactiv

Proactiv carbon filter


With the ProActive Odor Filter, you will keep your crop safer and safe from the suspicions of your neighbors. The Odor Filter improves the filtering efficiency thanks to the fact that it uses Coconut Active Carbon, which has a performance of 25% more than the common odor filters. Coconut Active Coconut is considered the best alternative to eliminate odors of organic and vegetable type.
In common filters, dirty air comes in contact with carbon, the ProActive Odor Filter includes a white protective mesh which prevents dust and air dirt from coming into contact with the carbon, further improving the filtering capacity from air.

Filter format

Proactiv activated carbon filters are extremely reliable for eliminating undesirable odors in the air.

They are lighter, smaller, more efficient and safer than conventional carbon filters. Proactiv filters use only virgin coconut fiber to make active carbon. This is considered the best active carbon to eliminate organic odor. Since the active carbon particles used in Proactiv filters are very small (Ø 0.4 to 0.8 mm), the neutralization surface is much larger compared to traditional carbon filters.

The multilayer wool floor mats are hermetically sealed at the base and cover, preventing any accidental entry of air (unfiltered). The technology of wool mats drastically reduces the air pressure so that the air flow is much higher compared to classic carbon filters.

After having been filtered, the air that is extracted is very clean and free of coal dust, this is very important for producers who use the non-renewed air technique, using air-cooled reflectors.

Working with multi-layer wool technology forces users to be more aware of the level of humidity in the work area. A level higher than 65% of humidity in the work area, multi-layer wool carpets achieve a faster dump than conventional carbon filters where conventional filters lose more efficiency.

The innovative design of the flange and the base of the Proactiv filters simplify their use and installation. They can be hung directly from your limb without having to surround the filter with chains or tapes.

- Its reduced weight makes them more manageable and comfortable when assembling them. facilitating its installation.

- Its innovative hooking system is very practical. since it facilitates its anchoring thanks to the two holes. located at both ends for that purpose. Apart from speed and ease of hooking. With this system they do not lose suction surface. as in the traditional filters. since they do not need tether straps that surround them and partially cover them.

- The loss of pressure is up to 75% lower than in conventional filters thanks to the activated carbon fleece.

- Exceptional weight / performance ratio. It is the result of knowledge and latest developments.

Garden Highpro filters are available in the following diameters (see stock):

Diameter m3/h Length
Ø 100 mm 250 m3/h 190 mm
Ø 125 mm 250 m3/h 190 mm
Ø 125 mm 400 m3/h 300 mm
Ø 125 mm 600 m3/h 450 mm
Ø 150 mm 460 m3/h 300 mm
Ø 150 mm 690 m3/h 450 mm
Ø 150 mm 840 m3/h 550 mm
Ø 200 mm 1000 m3/h 600 mm