Pro-Clone Bandeja 144 Alveolos
  • Pro-Clone Bandeja 144 Alveolos
  • Pro-Clone 144 alveoli tray
  • Pro-Clone 144 alveoli tray
  • Pro-Clone Bandeja 144 Alveolos
  • Pro-Clone Bandeja 144 Alveolos

Pro-Clone 144 alveoli tray


Pro Clone is a bound substrate of culture that is manufactured using a unique patented technology, respectful of horticulture.

The blocks are filled with a stabilized substrate, with uniform density, allowing a better use of the water and nutrients provided

Pro-Clone Propagation Tray maintaining the original structure of the fibers and substrates to provide optimum porosity and air / water balance.

Ready to use with the ideal moisture content, the initial fertilizer load allows a healthy and uniform growth.

Measures: 52x30x4,5cm

Usage Protocol:
Hydrate the growing medium well with a mist system or with a hose
Insert the cuttings into the hole (25% of the heel height). You can also plant the seed in the hole of the plantation
Propagate cuttings under intermittent fogging conditions
During 24h, guarantee the micro-climatic conditions to avoid the dehydration of the cutting, then only at dawn and dusk.
Water the substrate 30 minutes before the transplant to favor the extraction of the blocks.

- Fast and uniform rooting process that develops a powerful root system.
- Uniform density throughout the heel, allowing rooting through any culture medium, from the top to the bottom.

Easy removal of the tray, both manually and for automatic transplant, allows an early transplant even before the plant is fully rooted.

It does not shrink, is easy to re-hydrate and adaptable for automated processes.

Pro Clone Mixture: High Drain
PH: 5.4 - 5.9
EC (ms / cm): 0.4-0.6
Total porosity: 88%
Porosity of the air: 8%
Retention capacity: 80%
Moisture content: 70-80%
Amount of Alveoli: 104

Measures: 51x30x4,5cm



Pro Clone

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