Pro-Clone Bandeja 112 Alveolos Semillas/Esquejes (Caja 8Und)

Pro-Clone 112 alveoli tray (8 units box)


Pro Clone is a bound substrate of culture that is manufactured using a unique patented technology, respectful of horticulture.

The blocks are filled with a stabilized substrate, with uniform density, allowing a better use of the water and nutrients provided

Pro-Clone Propagation Tray maintaining the original structure of fibers and substrates to provide optimum porosity and air / water balance.

Ready to use with the ideal moisture content, the initial fertilizer load allows a healthy and uniform growth.

Substrate composition:
70% coconut peat
30% ground Sphagnum peat

Physical analysis:
- Volume (g / l) 83 gr / l
- Volume of pores: 95%
- Organic substances: 91%
- Humidity (%) 83%


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