Stewart Essentials electrical Propagator

Stewart Essentials electrical Propagator


High quality hard plastic greenhouse with thermal blanket.

This propagator is especially suitable for making cuttings and for seedlings. Also for germinating seeds.

It has two ventilation windows in the upper part to avoid the excess of condensation of humidity.


You can use jiffys. Rock wool tacos or small pots.

Once the plant has taken root, it is placed in a pot without having to be transplanted.

It allows to maintain a stable temperature of 20ºC and a suitable humidity. facilitating and shortening enormously the time of cloning of your cuttings or germination of your seeds.

he cuttings without roots, can not absorb water from the medium, so a favorable factor for rapid rooting is a high humidity, between 70% - 80% is indicated, the success of making cuttings is assured.

Power : 8 W


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