Newlite Full Equipe Glasses 1u

Newlite Full Equipe Glasses 1u



Newlite Vision glasses. the best vision for your indoor cultivation.

Maximum quality and technology in their materials.


With the Newlite Vision glasses you will work as if you were in the light of day. You will no longer be blinded by that intense and annoying light from the bulb.

Their blue lenses have been specially developed to correct the sodium orange lights in your crop.


With Newlite Vision you will have a perfect view of the leaves. to identify deficiencies or deficiencies in them.

Newlite Vision protects your eyes from the rays of sodium lamps and the splashes of chemicals or nutrient solutions.


The Full Equipe pack is sold in boxes of 8 units and is composed of:


- Front support for lenses and pins. the 3 parts completely removable.

- Blue lenses. to protect from the light of the culture bulbs.

- Dark lenses. to protect from the sun and to be able to use outdoors.

- Magnifiers. to see and examine your plants: first signs of deficiencies. pests diseases. mushrooms. evolution of the maturation of trichomes to harvest ... etc.

These lenses are optional when it comes to using glasses. since they can be attached and removed easily and quickly at any time. They are used simultaneously with the colored lenses. placing them between these and your eyes. Simply put them when you want to observe very small things and when not. you take them away

- Hair grip tape. so that they are well fixed in the head. You can maneuver inside yourself in a safe way and do not move or fall. You only have to remove the pins and replace them with the tape.

- Compact zipper case to store and protect your glasses.


They are elegant and modern.

They are unique and complete.

They are Newlite Vision.