Garden Highpro Pearl-Pro reflector (Micropoint aluminium)

Garden Highpro Pearl-Pro reflector (Micropoint aluminium)


More lumens Greater production. Lower price

We present our new Aluminum Micropoint Pearl-Pro reflector With it you will get a performance far superior to the Reflector Stuco Standar. Being able to increase the number of lumens by 60%, keeping your own ballast and your lamp.

The secret lies in its micropunteado system, spreading more homogeneously the lumens of the lamp.

The best of all is the price, it is even cheaper than the previous one.

Image 3 The measurements with luxometer (scale x100) in Reflector Stuco to 30cm offer reading of 75,800 lumens.
These tests have been carried out with 600W high pressure sodium lamp and New Lite electronic ballast in Garden HighPro cabinet

Image 2 The most advanced design of the Pearl-Pro Micropunto Aluminum Reflector increases up to 128,600 lumens with the same lamp and the same ballast. This supposes an increase of 60% and therefore a very remarkable increase in the production.

Your new micropunteado system is more efficient. Causing a SPECTACULAR increase in lumens.

The new WATER connection box increases safety. Maintaining crop moisture away from electrical connections.

Its metal mounting plate is more resistant. Supports lamps with greater weight.

2 Safety presses for chain connection. So you can install more than one reflector with less wiring.
When passing the cable from one to another.


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