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Garden Highpro Indoor Matrix reflector


Indoor Matrix Lumen Evolution is the latest and most revolutionary reflector on the market. Developed by Garden Highpro that incorporates an instant heat removal design.

This is a new technological breakthrough by the famous Swiss engineer Julien Hoffer, who has been innovating and perfecting applied science in indoor cultivation for over twenty years.

On this occasion, the engineer Hoffer has created a reflector of special design that places it at the top of everything seen so far in the market.

Indoor Matrix Lumen Evolution is the latest and most revolutionary reflector on the market. Developed by Garden Highpro and marketed for you by Natural Systems.

Made from a light galvanized aluminum made in Germany, the new Indoor Matrix guarantees 98% reflectivity in 1.40m width, which means that practically the total of lumens produced by the bulbs will directly affect the crop, without hardly dispersing them. Especially, this model supposes an improvement, in front of other previous ones, by its capacity to distribute the luminous intensity uniformly, without diminution in the corners or laterals of its focus of action.

This is achieved, in part, thanks to its four-sided pyramidal shape, assembled by four triangular reinforcements oriented in each of its diagonals and which, in addition, confer a high physical stability to the structure.

Hoffer has created a reflector that does not overheat. The Indoor Matrix reduces the temperature on the surface of the leaves of your plants to 14º C. The vertex of the structure, in the form of a rhombus, conceals a spherical opening in the central part, just above the bulb, so that all the hot air generated is immediately evacuated. Moreover, the design incorporates a clamp that fits perfectly into the opening, offering the possibility of adjusting an air extraction tube without any problem. With all this, we have tested it with a 600W bulb (and it does not burn !!), although 400W and 1,000W of power are also possible.

To fix them on the roof, the design of the Indoor Matrix incorporates a small metal structure on the upper part to easily attach to any holding pulley, or other supports, by means of two simple hooks.

Another undeniable addition is the wiring system. Fully covered and watertight thanks to a plastic housing that protects it. In addition, next to the power input cable there is the possibility of hooking another outlet, and thus have several bulbs in line without having to use too many cables or plugs. The electrical system is completed by a ceramic lampholder, material, as is known, highly refractory, capable of withstanding high temperatures.

Dimensions and details
-68 x 62 x 15 cm.
-of 400W to 1000W.
-Cable included 4m / 1.5mm / IEC
-Drawing opening diameter 12.5cm.
-Suitable for HPS and MH bulbs.
-Case E-40.
-Homologated by the European community.


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