Reflector Radiant

Radiant reflector


The radiant is designed to offer the brightest light possible, right down to your plants. The patented system, double wall design and a generous reflective cavity that is one of the best options in the market. Constructed from strong galvanized steel pro and coated with aluminum.

It is an American product, of great quality with an unmatched level of finishes. Its entrance and exit are 150mm. It is best to lower the temperature of the crop when connected to an extractor. It is probably the best refrigerated reflector.

Reflector Specifications Coolant Hydrofarm Radiant Series 6 "150mm Ac:
-Mar Hydrofarm
-Model Radiant Series RD6AC
-Aluminum of great purity German MIRO
-Reinforced double layer construction
-Entrance and exit of 150mm
- Tempered glass lens with hinges with sealing foam included
-Portal lamps assembled and cables included
-Certification CSA
-Dimensions: 23x53x53cm


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