Reflector Garden Highpro Pearl-Pro XL

Reflector Garden Highpro Pearl-Pro XL


PEARLPRO XL decreases the size of hotspots, and distributes light more homeogeneously. Thanks to its greater light distribution and intensity, the PEARLPRO XL has better coverage. Consequently, crop uniformity will be also higher, providing and expected yield increase.

PEARLPRO XL is provided with 3 different sizes of spreader sticks allowing to maximize the light distribution depending on the size of the growing areas.

Minimum order: 1 Box (5 Units)

  • Length x width: 55 x 60 cm / 55 x 63 cm / 55 x 66 cm
  • Aluminium: Pearl technology - Prime conventional aluminium
  • Extra: Secure wire connection box
  • E40: 400W, 600W, HPS bulbs

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