Papel para Extraccion Qnubu Press 30cm (Rollo 5m)

Paper Extraction Qnubu Press 30cm (5m Roll)


Qnubu Extraction Paper for use with Extraction Presses

- Roll 5 meters
- Width: 30 cm
- Non-stick
- Double Silicone
- Pressure & Heat Resistant
- Food grade 

"The role made by and for professional extractors."

Tired of having to use supermarket baking paper that could not withstand the pressures and that retained part of the extractions from Qnubu they decided to develop their own paper for use with Qnubu Presses.  The Qnubu development team now has the Qnubu Extraction Paper, a paper designed for Rosin Presses, available to all their customers.

Qnubu Extraction Paper offers:

- Thickness: A thick paper to withstand high pressures.
- Resistance to high pressures.
- Non-sticking: No longer will part of the return be lost in baking paper.
- Heat resistant
- Food grade

It is presented in rolls of 5 meters with 30 cm wide. It also has a built-in cutting system.

Finally a baking paper created by and for use with Rosin Presses.


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