SimbioSoil Plus 1L

SimbioSoil Plus 1Kg


SimbioSoil Plus is a fertilizer with biostimulating microorganisms, 100% vegetable and suitable for Ecological Agriculture.

It mainly acts as a regenerator and microbiological activator, restoring the balance of the substrate microbiota.

The saprophytic fungi and the bacteria of the rhizosphere colonize the substrate and the root system working in symbiosis, providing:

-It stimulates the growth and vigor of the plants.
-Increases the capacity of plants for the assimilation of nutrients.
-Increases the resistance of plants to any type of stress.
-Regenerates and reactivates the biodiversity of the substrate.

To buy a box add 14 units.

Dosage and method of use.

To activate SimbioSoil Plus, it is necessary to water after each application.

In pot:
-Substrate new: 5-10gr / liter. Mix with the substrate leaving a part to apply near the roots during the transplant work.
-Substrate used: 10-15gr / liter. Clean the roots of the substrate apply SimbioSoil Plus mixing until it is homogeneous.

In the ground:
-Apply 300-400gr / m2. Mix with the surface layer by burying 2-3cm.

Mother plants:
-5gr./litro. Air the upper part of the substrate and apply mixing until it is homogeneous. It can be repeated every 6 months.

-5-10gr. per transplant hole.



BTM SimbioSoil Pus -Ficha Tecnic

BTM SimbioSoil Pus -Ficha Tecnica- ESP Microorganismos_en

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