Stihl SR 430 atomizer

Stihl SR atomizer


Convenient powerful atomizer and large deposit. Simple to use Easy start, fast and practically without jerks.
Multifunction handle
All the control elements that control the machine by hand. An easier and safer handling
Easy start
Easier and faster starting thanks to the accelerated and automatic start position
Anti-vibration system STIHL
Accurate damping points that reduce vibrations of the engine and cutting equipment, which saves effort and makes work easier.


Spray tank capacity l 14
Cylindrical cm³ 63.3
Vibrations right m / s² 1) 1.9
Tank volume cm³ 1,700
Weight kg 2) 12.2
Sound power dB (A) 109
Power_ CV 3,9
Horizontal range m 14.5
Reach in vertical m 13
Maximum air flow m³ / h 3) 1.300


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