T-One Nutrients Fertilizante Progresivo Fases 1-2 Bag in Box 5L

T-One Nutrients Fertilizante Progresivo Fases 1-2 Bag in Box 5L


T-One is a revolutionary new concept of progressive fertilization, its simplicity and efficiency make it unique in the market.

T-One is a progressive fertilizer which differentiates 12 phases of the plant in 12 formulations optimized for each phase, in this way and together with the Bio-stimulants of T-One, Apical to induce flowering and Bulk for compaction and fattening, you will only have to use the solution indicated for each phase, saving the grower multiple calculations and complex fertilization tables.

T-One is specially designed for all types of crops, substrates, hydroponics, coconut and also for soil (topsoil).


T-One is a new, unique and revolutionary progressive fertilizer that combines simplicity of use and a perfect nutritional balance for your crop.

T-One divides your crop into 12 phases using only 1 package for each phase.
In total we have 11 packages, since in phase 1-2 the same formulation is used and from phase 3 to phase 12 we will apply the corresponding package.

T-One is the complete and practical nutrition for the whole cycle of cultivation, growth and flowering, simply providing the contents of the package in each of the 12 phases of the cultivation cycle and complementing it with Biostimulants specially designed to boost the productivity and quality of your crop.

In this way, the plant will be receiving just the necessary nutrients that it demands in each of the 12 phases.

It will not be necessary to provide anything additional and does not need specially treated water, it is valid for use with normal tap water or conventional irrigation water.

When should I change the solution? What stage of cultivation am I in?

The crop is divided into 12 phases, with a duration of 5 to 8 days each, according to the expected duration of the total cycle. T-One is designed to change the solution (phase number) according to the following scheme:

Example: I am going to cultivate my genetics which has a flowering cycle of 60-65 days. These are divided by 7 to find out how many weeks they are, in this case 65/7 = 9.2 weeks. To these weeks we add the growth time, in this example one week:
9.2+1 = 10.2 weeks.

Result of this example:

Total growing time: 10.2 weeks ≈ 10 weeks.
Growth: 1 week.
Flowering: 9 weeks.
Therefore, each of my phases will last 6 days.

*In the great majority of cases the pH will already be within the optimal ranges. If it is not in a range of 5 - 6.8 use a product to adjust the pH within the ranges outlined.

Recommendations for Use

As these products are complete solutions, it is not necessary to complement or mix them with any other fertilizer product. In any case, it can be used together with all the fertilizers normally used for the preparation of solutions in fertigation. In case of mixing it is recommended to always carry out a previous test or to consult with the Technical Department of the supplying company, the compatibility of mixtures with other products.


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