Cali Terpenes Amnesia 1ml

Cali Terpenes Amnesia 1ml


Terpenes Amnesia de Cali Terpenes, organic and of natural origin, are perfect to provide aroma and flavor to all kinds of herbal extractions, resins, oils as well as liquid vaporizable bases for electronic cigarettes.


Amnesia terpenes:
The Terpenes cannabis profile of Amnesia from Cali Terpenes is a perfect combination of 100% natural terpenes with an exact terpene profile to the extraction of terpenes from the famous European cannabis strain Amnesia (Hy-Pro elite clone), which for so many has been winning in the Dutch coffee shops for many years.

Organic terpenes of natural origin, extracted and processed without solvents or heavy metals, using raw materials of the best quality, from crops without pesticides or contaminants and totally free of transgenics.

Amnesia terpenes do not contain cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBD, CBG ...) or any type of addition.

Dominant terpenes in Amnesia:
Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Beta-Ocimene, Myrcene, Beta-Pinene, D-Limonene, Alpha-Pinene, D-3 Carene, D-Alpha-Pinene, Linalool.

Modulation of the effect of cannabinoids:
Amnesia terpenes modulate the effect of cannabinoids providing a stimulating, fun and creative feeling. Ideal to improve mood, relieve stress and stimulate appetite.

In addition, terpenes allow greater entry or absorption of cannabinoids.

Taste and aroma of Amnesia terpenes:
Terpenes Amnesia de Cali Terpenes have an intense aroma and flavor that mixes citrus, earthy and sweet touches.

Possible applications of Amnesia terpenes:
Add flavor and aroma of Amnesia to all kinds of herbal extractions, resins and oils.
Dissolve oils, resins and herbal extractions to vaporize in "Vape Pens" or "Oil Pens".
Add aroma and specific flavor of Amnesia to all types of liquid vaporizable neutral bases (e-liquids) to vaporize in electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) and enjoy the authentic flavor and aroma of this cannabis variety.
Suitable for aromatherapy.


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