THC Mega Bud

THC Mega Bud


Mega Bud THC is a fertilizer that is used as a complement to the base fertilizer with a high content in PK (50-31) that will give a boost to our plants in the flowering stage getting more fattening, more density and more resin in the same product

Give your plants the phosphorus and potassium necessary to increase the weight and volume of the buds while increasing their density by compacting them.

- Phosphorus: 50%
- Potassium: 31%
- Magnesium: 0.30%
- Algae Extract: 4%
- Bo, Faith, Zn.


This additive only contains 100% water soluble elements that allow its use with ease in automatic irrigation systems, and is perfectly compatible with any culture medium, either with substrate, such as in Earth and Coco, or in aqueous medium, such as NFT , aeroponic and hydroponic.

Now with Mega Bud you can get higher productions in your crops contributing to the fattening phase of your plants. When your buds are white and formed, it will be time for an extra and stronger PK to give it an explosive bloom.

Its supplementary supply of micro elements and organic matter from marine algae favors the increase of the production of resin giving as resutlado sticky buds, completely covered with resin. Being so low, the dose is ideal in all culture media, both on land and in Hydro.

With the use of Mega Buds, your plants will reach a height of 70 to 80 centimeters and a yield of 180 grams of dry product for each one ready to be harvested in the beginning of summer. The buds will be much denser and heavier with more resin in the final product. This product is recommended to be used in the last weeks of the plants, both for crops on land and in hydroponics.

Let's clarify, that the Mega Buds would be like a dietary supplement for the plant, to call it in some way, and it never replaces the necessary elements for the correct development of it. The temperature and correct lighting are still fundamental, which is why in the grow shop online we always recommend using the 600w lighting kit

To obtain the ideal results the Mega Buds should be used in the middle of flowering (more or less week 4-5 of flowering) at the rate of 1g / L of water in irrigation if irrigation is not. In Hydro raise 0.3 of the total water Ec, will be more than enough for Mega Bud to act on your buds and then stop using the last week before the cut.


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