The Hype Mygal (Micorrizas Gel)

Mygal (Mycorrhiza Gel)


MYGAL is a mycorrhiza from a specific strain in semi-liquid gel format, which maintains all active structures capable of interacting with the plant. Thanks to its formulation it has 100 times more propagules than any mycorrhiza on the market (5x107UFC / L).


Biological inoculant from the Glomus intraradices fungus, which forms beneficial or mycorrhizal associations with the roots of the plants: they stimulate their growth and increase the uptake and absorption of nutrients, especially those less accessible. Mycorrhizae provide greater and better crop development and help you overcome stressful situations or pathogen attacks.

In addition, it offers the fastest colonization in the market by reducing this time to 2 weeks compared to the 4 that need the mycorrhizae of other products. Its formulation contains different volatile compounds that participate in the recognition between the plant and the mycorrhiza.

With MYGAL we managed to explore a greater volume of soil (thanks to the hyphae of the fungus) improving

the efficiency in the absorption of water and nutrients (especially phosphorus blocked in the

soil), ensuring greater physiological activity and a greater quantity and quality of production.

A single application after transplantation. To increase the symbiosis between plant and fungus it is recommended to reduce irrigation by 20% and not apply phosphorus or trichodermas during the first 2 weeks.

Stimulates and develops the root system
Better development of your plants
Exclusive gel mycorrhizae that colonize the plant in just 2 weeks
Recommended product for outdoor soil crops and mother plants
Stress reduction


Glomus strain intraradices, obtained from monocultivated soils for tens of years.

1ml / L
Apply in the first week of cultivation


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