Trabe Tresalgas 200gr solid

Trabe Tresalgas 200gr solid


Tresalgas TRABE soil is a solid ecological fertilizer based on fresh algae and contains a large amount of macronutrients, micronutrients, amino acids, vitamins and plant growth hormones that improves the growth and resistance of plants.

Ecological fertilizer made with 3 types of seaweed processed fresh so that they have all the active ingredients present and that is presented in the form of very soluble small scales.

The algae Ascophylum nodosum, Laminaria bongardiana and Macrocystis pirifera are a very important source of nutrients, essential trace elements, minerals, phytohormones promoting plant growth, carbohydrates, ammonia and almost all groups of vitamins, including B12, vital for the metabolic system of plants to work properly.

Three Algae TRABE soil can be used mixed in the irrigation water or sprayed with a spray on the leaves, which guarantees better growth and greater resistance of the plant to adverse conditions. It is an ideal complement to use together with Bachumus Evolution Growth and Radical Flower during the vegetative phase, since they will guarantee a spectacular root growth, large leaves and an intense green and a very powerful immune system. Its formulation is identical to Alghemp Growth.

To use in the irrigation water, add 3 grams per liter of water every 15 days.
To use spray on the leaves, add 3 grams per liter of water and apply every 15 days.
For better results, we recommend using pH and EC medicores, as well as follow the TRABE subscriber table that you will find in our blog.

Ascophylum nodosum, Laminaria bongardiana and Macrocystis pirifera 30%
Cytokinins and gibberellins 210 ppm




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