Trabe Radical Root 250ml (Comp Radicular)

Trabe Radical Root (250ml - 5L) (Radicular component)


RadicalRoot is a biostimulant of the root growth of 100% plant origin, which acts in synergy with the natural processes of the plant, increasing its protein and enzymatic activity in a natural way, which produces an increase in flowering and increase in resin in the crop.
Due to its great stimulating action of metabolic processes, it promotes cell division and improves the vegetative state in a natural and ecological way.


It produces healthier plants, with roots of greater size and length of solid structure, improving the vitality of the plants and increasing their production.
The natural extracts of RadicalRoot contain a large amount of phytonutrients such as Trace Elements, Organic Nitrogen, Growth Factors etc ...

How to use:
Appearance of second leaves: First treatment 2ml / Liter of water
Following treatments: 3/4 / 5ml per Liter of Water
Until the eating of flowering 5ml / liter

Starting when the second growth leaves appear, about 10 days after the first ones appear with 2ml / L Increase 1ml / l each week until reaching 5ml / L, until the beginning of flowering

-Amino Acids Free 14% p / p
-NPK 10% p / p
-Bestimulatory Factors 0.5% p / p


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