Trabe Radical Flower

Trabe Radical Flower (250ml - 20L)


Radical Flower by Trabe is a 100% natural bloom stimulator that will increase the amount of flowers and the amount of resin by 35%. No aggressive products for our plants.
A stimulator of natural flowering that will increase both the amount of flowers and the resin in addition to providing a large size of the dried bud. A product made of the best raw materials that will help our plants in their metabolic process of assimilation and transport of nutrients.

To buy a 500ml box add 17 units.


It stimulates the hormonal device so that each of the nutrients it needs is transferred to the part of the plant where it is needed very quickly. We will have much healthier and stronger plants, with large productions, without using chemicals in our plants.

Normally we will use it in combination with the flowering fertilizer AlgHemp F or BacHumus Evolution F to provide the basic nutrients your plants need to develop properly.

Consult Trabe's complete cultivation plan to provide your plants with the best organic fertilizers as a Professional Bio Marijuana grower.

Dosage and how to use Radical Flower:

We add 2ml per liters.
Once a week from the change of photoperiod to mid harvest.

We will add 2 to 4 ml per liter in the irrigation water.
Once a week from the change of photoperiod to the fattening phase.

Composition of Radical Flower by Trabe:
8% NPK.
13% Free amino acids.
8% Ascophylum Nodosum Extract.
0.15% Cytokinins.


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