The Hype Af (Mosca Blanca)

Af (Whitefly)


Defenses for different stress situations caused by environmental conditions and / or damage caused by pests / diseases, especially insects.


For the GUARDIAN range, it has developed different exclusive solutions under MJ-SHIELD technology, which act as plant vaccines capable of activating metabolic pathways in the plant and improving its auto immune power.

These solutions are completely organic and have no adverse action on the crop. The technology developed by THE HYPE COMPANY activates the response of the plant quickly and efficiently, so that your reaction is much more powerful when the time comes, and all the energy saved in overcoming this stress, you can allocate to flourish better and produce more.

Optimum development of your crop
Overcoming stress phases
Vegetable vaccine against insects

Composition ​​​​​​                                       ​%w/w
Patented formula MJ-SHIELD               98.00
Manganese (Mn)                                     2.00

2ml / L foliar
2-4ml / L irrigation
Apply preventively throughout the crop. If applied via foliar should be done in hours of low light intensity.


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